Low Carb Muffin

Written by Julia McPhee


    1. Julia McPhee


      Yes it seems they are a very popular alternative to traditional bread for low carbers. It is interesting because most people manage quite well without bread (once they have got over withdrawals), but as soon as there is an alternative everyone wants to try it.


      1. GrannyMumantoog

        For me it’s no longer about craving “bread” but every now & then I really like a tasty food holder other than lettuce or something to dunk in my eggs. MIMs are perfect for both 🙂

        I like the addition of ginger & turmeric though, can’t wait to try that.

        1. Julia McPhee

          I agree. For me it is the texture and as you say a ‘food holder’. The muffin has become a sunday morning stale for me.

  1. Louis

    Can I make these without a microwave? I’m not living in my place long enough to buy a microwave but Id love to make them

    1. Julia McPhee

      I would like to answer this question but I haven’t tried them in the oven Louis. I believe if you bake at about 170 in a muffin tray for around 10 mins, they should be fine.
      Unfortunately ants have eaten through the electronics of my oven and I have been oven-less for several weeks while I wait for the manufacturer to replace!!
      Once I am baking again I will test for you.

  2. Lynda

    Just made one for lunch – and it is DELICIOUS! But I am querying the calorie count – are you sure 473cal er muffin is correct??? Thanks

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