Coconut Chocolate Fudge Low carb

Written by Julia McPhee


    1. Julia McPhee

      Hi Vern

      Yes you can use xylitol. I have not used it before so I suggest, start with 1 small tsp, taste the mixture and add more if needed.

      Enjoy, and remember to store in the fridge, fudge will melt at room temp!


    1. Julia McPhee

      Hi Elle

      I have updated the recipe. Recipe makes approximately 25 pieces (serves). The nutritional advice provides all information.


  1. Tony

    Hi Julia,

    When I made this, I found that the cacao settled to the bottom, and doesn’t look as uniform as your photo (still tastes great). Looks a bit like a coconut oil version of “Top Deck”. Any ideas on how to make it mix better?

    1. Julia McPhee

      Hi Tony.
      I haven’t had this problem (yet anyway!). All I can suggest is the you mix well and refrigerate immediately before the mixture has time to settle. The coconut should help hold the cacao. There is one more thing though. The temperature in Auckland at the moment is warm enough to soften the coconut oil so that it didn’t need to be melted, it was already very soft but not liquid. My suggestion would be to not melt oil completely, just soften and then mix all ingredients.
      Hope this helps.

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