12 things you need to know about the Low Carb High Fat dietary approach: Part 2

Written by Julia McPhee


  1. Rachel

    Hi Julia, I have been following your page here and on Facebook and love it and am about to start the LCHF way of life, have finally got my family behind it so hopefully that makes it easier. I have a question about exercise and just curious as to how much is recommended or how much you did at the beginning of your journey.
    Love your recipes too.

    1. Julia McPhee

      Apologies for the late reply. It is agreed in LCHF circles that exercise will not actually aid in weight loss. It is however very important for your health and wellbeing. As you notice your energy levels improving just start moving more.
      To be honest I exercise less now that I did before and manage to stay weight stable. I do exercise regularly but not excessivley the way I used to before LCHF.
      I walk with friends (favourite exercise), run occasionally, stand as much during the day as I can (I have a standing desk), walk or cycle as transport when possible. I always feel better in myself when I have done some level of exercise. Hope this helps Rachel and please feel free to fire any questions at me as you start your LCHF journey. Good Luck!!

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