1. Julia McPhee

      Welcome aboard the LCHF way of living Jane. Feel free to ask me any questions about my recipes or LCHF in general . I also have a Facebook page – Julia McPhee Low Carb Living.

  1. Colleen

    Hi Julie. Im just about to start this eating regime but cant get my head around the calories in the meals vs the low carb content. We’ve always been told energy in energy out so how does an eating plan with so many calories assist in weight loss? Is portion still a vital component? Or is it based on feeling satiated on less quantity? For example if I kept carb count to less than 20 but ate 4000 calories of fatty chicken and low carb almonds and buttery mushrooms and fried bacon would I still lose weight?

    1. Julia McPhee

      Hi Colleen

      Thanks for responding and good luck with your low carb life style. You will not regret it. Colleen, my advice to to keep it simple (but not too simple!. Firstly this way of eating is instinctive – eat when hungry (or when you know you need to) and stop when you are full. However it is very important that you don’t let yourself go hungry, that will open you up to snacking and choosing non-lchf convenience foods. The higher fat content in this way of eating will make you feel full faster and for many this is key to weight loss. You actually won’t be eating as much. I wouldn’t focus on counting anything – base your diet around green leafy, above ground vege and good quality meat, poultry and seafood. Snack on nuts, seeds, vegetables, cheese etc. Importantly while fat is your friend, use it to help you feel full but don’t over eat fat. Happy for you to email me directly.


  2. Dionne Middlemiss

    Hi Julia, is there an eating plan to be found on your website regarding LCHF? What quantity of good fat/ good carbs and at what times of the day should we be eating these food groups please? Is this information available anywhere on your website? Thanks and Regards Dionne

    1. Julia McPhee

      Hi Dionne

      I do not have food plans on my website.I try to make eating this way simple so promote treating this way of eating as instinctive. Great when hungry and stop when you are full. Eat mostly green leafy and above ground vege, protein through meat, seafood and poultry, and fats (for satiety)avocado, dairy, coconut oil, nuts and seeds etc. All recipes on my website are LCHF and can be included in this way of eating, however LCHF sweet foods (even sugar fee) should be eaten occasionally only. I hope this helps.

  3. Dawn

    Love the website. Some recipes for LCHF can be complicated but your recipes look simple and delicious. Thank you. Going to make the cookies today

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