What LCHF is and What LCHF Is Not

Written by Julia McPhee


  1. Jane

    Hi Julia, I love your blog and recipes! I’ve been LCHF since December 2014 and have had success with helping a range of minor health problems with the added bonus of some weight loss. I generally feel better eating this way. I have experienced a couple of periods of worrying hair loss and a couple of months ago developed an incredibly itchy and persistent rash across my shoulders, neck and scalp. The rash also coincided with a period of more than usual hair loss. In the last week I decided to experiment and introduced a few more carbs in the form of sweet potato and potato and the rash has suddenly cleared. I’m at a crossroads of whether to continue as completely LCHF or to have more complex carbohydrates once or twice a week. Have you heard of anything like this happening to anyone on LCHF for an extended period of time? And, what do you recommend? Many thanks!

    1. Julia McPhee

      Hi Jane

      Thanks for contacting me. I haven’t heard of problems with itchey skin etc, however hair loss is a common problem in women (low carb or not). I have noticed periods when my hair seems to fall and thin out, but no better or worse than before I changes my lifestyle to low carb. Note the with any way of eating – one size does not fit all- and I think we all need to adapt our chosen dietary approach to fit with our way of living, medical conditions, life stage etc. If re-introducing starch vege has helped with your symptoms then that is a good option. My advice would be to remain low carb in your grain and sugar intake though (as I am sure you were planning to!).I have heard the magnesium is a good supplement for hair loss – have you tried that?

      Hope this helps

      1. Jane

        Thanks for your quick response Julia. I’m determined to keep as low carb as possible…definitely no sugar and grains and will probably limit starchy carbs to sweet potato once a week to see how that goes. I’ve also just started taking a woman’s multivitamin, biotin and magnesium so hopefully that will also help. In the meantime I’ll keep cooking your delicious recipes!

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