Fresh Herb Paste

Written by Julia McPhee


  1. Kristín

    hi , I like the look of your fresh Hearn paste. The ginger bit is a bit worrying as a handful could mean anything. Here in Malaysia the ginger is very hot so too much could ruin the flavour. Because of the different sizes of the ginger , the Indian recipes for instances calls for same amount or half amount of the garlic when chopped or grated , if not using garlic which they usually do its measured in tablespoons grated.
    I didn’t mean this to be a cookery lesson for you :))) just an observation and would still like to know how much ginger to put in. Thanks and regards , Kristín.

    1. Julia McPhee

      Hi Kristin
      Thanks for pointing that out. I do need to be pulled up for my ‘casual’ ingredient amounts! You are correct, a handful of fresh ginger is a lot. I think a more accurate amount would be ‘2 good thumb size’ knobs. As you pointed out then that would equate to a bulb of garlic. I have updated the recipe to say ‘a small handful”.
      Thanks and I do hope you enjoy!

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