One for the ladies (and for the men who are putting on weight as they age)

Written by Julia McPhee


  1. Anna Keen

    Yes Julia 🙂 i beg you help me lose some weight LOL great work on this blog i am really enjoying it it is like catching up with you 🙂 i have started this and just trying to plan day by day rather than all at once so will update you in a few weeks

    love to Brett, Elle and Big Jake xxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Fe

    Unfortunately, there are very few sites where women actually share or discuss the challenges of LCHF diets. How long does it take to see results? Yeah every one is different but generally. What are some other signs of the diet working or not. Do middle aged women all benefit from this diet? How about the thyroid in all this? We have oodles of info on how men love it but not much for older women.

    1. Julia McPhee

      Hi Fe
      All woman can benefit from a diet rich in whole and natural foods, green leafy vegetables and healthy fats. I always advise women to discuss any dietary change with their dr if they have a a medical issue. This way of eating is a good weight-loss option, however everyone loses weight at different rates. Men do lose faster, however women will lose weight. Metabolic health results are equally or more important than weight loss.


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