Low Carb Seed Crackers

Low Carb seed Crackers

Written by Julia McPhee


  1. Leslie Wooller

    Hi Julia, I made the seed crackers for the first time and they were an instance hit with all the family! I did 1.5 times the recipe and declare that won’t be enough for us I will have to double it I think. I used a Healtheries LSA combo with the addition of Chia seeds and quinoa, very yum! This recipe will be a staple/go to recipe for me. Thanks Julia.

    1. Julia McPhee

      Hi Leslie
      You will never make enough of these crackers!! They are so versatile and tasty, and can really make a difference to people who are struggling with LCHF snacks.

  2. Marilyn Schroeder

    These are the perfect savoury cracker to take along to social events. Complemented with a cheese platter, even those who’d never consider themselves low carbers can’t stop at one. For my next batch I’m going to use black sesame seeds for a slightly different look.
    PS. I spread my mix right to the edges of the baking slide to square up the finished crackers. If the centre pieces aren’t completely cooked, I turn them over and leave them to finish off in the oven after I have turned it off.

  3. Marie

    I made these and stuck to the ingredients with a few exceptions. I wanted a very tasty cracker, so I added some paprika, garlic and onion powders, nutritional yeast flakes, Italian seasoning blend and citric acid. The kitchen smelled so good! They came out so good that this will be a favorite recipe that I will make often. I will experiment with some other herbs and spices as well as a variety of seed combinations. Thank you for the deliciousness!!

    1. Julia McPhee

      Thanks Marie, I have tried wasabi powder for bit of zing, and do love the flavour of chilli flakes. They are very versatile. I must say that the Seed Bread is also very easy, and when sliced thinly and toasted is another great low carb snack. Glad you enjoyed the recipe!

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