Low Carb Seed Crackers

Low Carb seed Crackers

Written by Julia McPhee


  1. Leslie Wooller

    Hi Julia, I made the seed crackers for the first time and they were an instance hit with all the family! I did 1.5 times the recipe and declare that won’t be enough for us I will have to double it I think. I used a Healtheries LSA combo with the addition of Chia seeds and quinoa, very yum! This recipe will be a staple/go to recipe for me. Thanks Julia.

    1. Julia McPhee

      Hi Leslie
      You will never make enough of these crackers!! They are so versatile and tasty, and can really make a difference to people who are struggling with LCHF snacks.

  2. Marilyn Schroeder

    These are the perfect savoury cracker to take along to social events. Complemented with a cheese platter, even those who’d never consider themselves low carbers can’t stop at one. For my next batch I’m going to use black sesame seeds for a slightly different look.
    PS. I spread my mix right to the edges of the baking slide to square up the finished crackers. If the centre pieces aren’t completely cooked, I turn them over and leave them to finish off in the oven after I have turned it off.

  3. Marie

    I made these and stuck to the ingredients with a few exceptions. I wanted a very tasty cracker, so I added some paprika, garlic and onion powders, nutritional yeast flakes, Italian seasoning blend and citric acid. The kitchen smelled so good! They came out so good that this will be a favorite recipe that I will make often. I will experiment with some other herbs and spices as well as a variety of seed combinations. Thank you for the deliciousness!!

    1. Julia McPhee

      Thanks Marie, I have tried wasabi powder for bit of zing, and do love the flavour of chilli flakes. They are very versatile. I must say that the Seed Bread is also very easy, and when sliced thinly and toasted is another great low carb snack. Glad you enjoyed the recipe!

  4. Peggy White

    These crackers are a staple at our house – we just love them and would not be without them.

    Great asset when we travel to.

    Excellent staple for our keto lifestyle.

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