5 Days Supermarket Free!!

Written by Julia McPhee


  1. judi Johnson

    I am enjoying reading your blogs Julia, and I am trying to eat low carb and gluton free food.
    My daughter passed on your news letter to me, she and her husband are following your eating regime and feeling better and fitter then ever.
    Good luck and every success to you, and to me.
    Best wishes Judi

    1. jmcphee@aut.ac.nz

      Hi Judi. Thanks for your comment. I am very pleased that my blog is benefitting people and being shared, thats the goal. The stories of people who have made positive changes to their lives by cutting out sugar and reducing carbs are really inspiring and there are plenty of them. I have just started a study with 20 women who are trialling a low carb diet for 8 weeks, so I hope to add them to the list of those who have benefitted from a low carb lifestyle.

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