Luca’s Pizza. Food for your soul.

Written by Julia McPhee


  1. judi Johnson

    Wow Julia that pizza looks so good. I have eaten the real thing in Italy, and also the next to best one is baked by our son Steven. They are delicious melt in your mouth creations.
    Like you I try to eat less carbs but my husband will not give up bread, pasta or rice. I do try and will keep on trying.
    regards Judi


      Hi Judi

      I still think that Luca’s pizza would be hard to beat! My husband had to give up bread etc, as I stopped buying it. I do notice that the odd loaf sneaks into the pantry every now and then, but he admits that he feels great and is leaner than he has ever been. Giving up those staples is hard for everyone though and people can only make that change when they are ready to.


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