The Pork Belly, Butter, and Broccoli diet

Written by Julia McPhee


  1. judi Johnson

    Hi Julia,
    glad your back! Hope you had a good visit with your daughter.
    Your right about all the mixed messages, I have reached the age of 66, soon to be 67 and I get so confused, not just my age either.
    As I have got older I find I am doing a lot less excise and though I eat less I find I still need my toast in a morning. Also I love honey. What am I to do? 🙁
    regards Judi


      Hi Judy

      Honey is a hard one. Actually while less processed than sugar it does the same damage. Thats why I get annoyed when honey is promoted as healthy. It may be a slightly better option than sugar but only very slightly! Sorry about that!

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